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Tips to Design the Dream Bedroom Room of Your Child 

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Keep in mind that your baby’s nursery will grow with them. Even if you swap out the crib for a bed, it will still be appropriate to be a room for a growing child. If you’re planning to spoil your kids, check out the following ways to achieve their dream bedroom without breaking the bank.  


Create a quiet place 

As you make use of the entire area, think about having a cozy reading space beneath the stairs or put a comfortable chair in the bedroom’s corner. While every parent would want to encourage their kids to have fun and play, sometimes, you should also consider encouraging peace and quiet. Think of making a zone-out area where quiet time and reading are encouraged. A cushioned bench seat or a comfy big chair will attract the kids to use their imagination and snuggle in quietly.  

Add Storage 

It’s the dream of every parent to efficiently contain the things in their rooms, such as books, crafts, toys, etc. However, a lot of houses don’t have a reserved playroom with the area at a premium. In this case, make sure to do your best to come up with a great design where you can contain and store the things of your kids.  

Most kids don’t usually care how their clothes and things are stored. Hence, it’s up to you how you can effectively keep things organized. However, in terms of their things, you need to make it a battle-free area. Make sure your storage is easy to use and kept at an accessible height, such as some open storage options and soft baskets.    

Make zones within the room 

Kids need space to dream, dress, study, sleep and play. Even if you only see four walls, for them, the room is a space where they can rest, express themselves, have fun, and see adventure. If you want to optimize a four-wall room, make sure to think beyond the idea of making it a single room and consider it as several zones.  

If you separate their activities, you can show your kids how their room is their personal space where they have everything they need—except you and food.  

Add color through accessories 

Black can help incorporate a hint of a Parisian flair and contrast to this nursery room for your child. As they grow, the drapes, carpet, most furnishings, etc. can remain. You can take in color with accessories like toys and pillows. If you keep a neutral background, you can come up with cost-effective upgrades as you relish in your investment’s longevity. 

Select a neutral palette 

Regardless of how colorful the trends are, it would be best to avoid going all-in on color. If possible, opt for window coverings, carpets, fixtures, flooring, furnishings, and walls. Neutral does not always mean that you should use beige. Instead, it means consistency.  

As you plan the perfect interior design Raleigh NC, make sure to plan it with your child and a professional interior designer that you trust.  


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